© Elena Schweitzer | Dreamstime.com

© Elena Schweitzer | Dreamstime.com

By: Ms. Terrea Nicole

Oh Tortured Soul
Trapped inside my brain
Trying to free itself
From the twisted paths of misery and pain
There it goes again

The struggle to break free
To find the place where God dwells
The place where I can be happy

But it’s a dark and cold road
That keeps dragging me back to the brink
Trying to shut out the noise of negativity
It’s harder than one would think

The battle
It seems never ending sometimes
Even if it is, all in my mind
It is still so very real to me
Every day I struggle to break free

I pray that God will help me
Unravel the pain
With a little more sunshine
And a lot less thunder & rain

This is the hope that I hold close
Please pray for me & my Tortured Soul

Copyright (c) Terrea-Nicole 2013