Ms. Terrea Nicole (pronounced “TURR-REE”) is a songwriter based in Chicago, Illinois.  She has always had a natural love of music and credits the early influences of Classic Soul R&B and Hip-Hop for her fondness of “LOVE” songs in a variety of musical formats.  The results of these influences can be found in a growing portfolio of songs as vocalists passionately deliver her soulful lyrics over R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Dance instrumentals.  The personal passion and Soulful flavor of each song is both authentic and original.  It is evident that Ms. Terrea Nicole believes in creating music from the SOUL.  In fact, she has made it her mission to “Bring Back the LOVE songs” to the music industry.

Ms. Terrea Nicole’s style is described as a diverse mixture of “Old-fashioned Soul with a Pop, Hip-Hop, & Dance feel.”  Each of her songs invokes a wide range of audience emotions and takes advantage of her instinctive grasp of lyrical imagery.  As she continues to build her songwriting portfolio, Ms. Terrea Nicole is moving forward with her mission and ready to put the world on notice that “LOVE songs from the SOUL” are indeed making a comeback!

In addition to a promising future as a songwriter, Ms. Terrea Nicole has recently showcased her talents as a poet.  She explains, “I hope that my poems and my songs touch someone’s soul today.  I want to encourage others to ‘be the best they can be’ and ‘never give up’ no matter what you are going through in life.”


Samples of My Music and Poetry

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Written by: Ms. Terrea-Nicole

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